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Last year, a bunch of my family, friends, and colleagues helped raise money for End the Backlog, an organization dedicated to addressing the infuriating number of untested rape kits sitting in a backlog, preventing evidence against perpetrators from being presented. By the end, we raised nearly $3500! I hope that we can surpass that goal this year, as we make me run a lot to raise funds for another good cause...

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Some reports suggest the island will have to rebuild the power grid entirely. Others stress the dire food and water situation, where limited access and expensive options are getting in the way of Puerto Ricans receiving basic humans needs. America has had a complicated and often exploitative relationship with Puerto Rico. The American government is helping, but more must be done.

So! How can we help? We have money. Money can buy supplies. Organizations on the ground can help get those supplies to those who need them. So let's give them our money! The charity we'll be supporting is Americares, one of the most efficient (in terms of donation to impact) charities focusing on Puerto Rico right now.


The rules will be the same as last year:

1/ You pick a monetary value per mile to commit to supporting

2/ For every mile I run in the month of October, you will owe that amount

3/ All runs will be documented on social media channels via RunKeeper

4/ Final amounts will be sent to each supporter individually in early November, and supporters will be able to (a) send digital moneyz to me and I can donate on their behalf, or they can (b) donate directly themselves and simply provide a screenshot or email confirmation that the donation occurred

5/ I have to run a lot


Despite starting without any training, I managed to hit 51.99 miles last year. While it directly conflicts with my obsession with self-improvement, I aim to merely surpass that mark. Anything more and my frail limbs may fall apart, as I am once again starting at zero.

Please fill out the form below or click the Google Forms link to donate!


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