What is it like to work with Stevvve?

Below are some people I’ve worked with saying some very kind

things about how I’ve added to the culture of a workplace in the past.


Katie Hurley

Senior Account Executive

Stack Overflow

“Steve was always bringing a smile to everyone's faces.  He cared so much about the people he worked with and always remembered the little personal things that just make a person feel truly cared about.  Buying little gifts for his team members, doing funny pranks, having sound machine that would just lighten the mood if it ever got too stressful in the office.  It is honestly the little intangible things that made working with Steve the first time I ever truly felt like I was part of a work family. ”

“Steve was the glue that held the sales team together.”

Dammand Cherry

Senior Account Executive

Stack Overflow

“MVP of the Halloween contest.”

Abby T. Mars

Director of Community Operations and Management

Stack Overflow

Jason Picciano

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Stack Overflow

“I was always impressed with Steve's commitment and creativity when it comes to parties. Whether it be a wholly unique halloween costume or punny desk decorations for a coworker returning from vacation, you can always expect great things from Steve's mind.”

Dean Grant

Senior Account Executive

Stack Overflow

“Steve had the unique ability to be playful, adding fun to the work environment and quickly being able to pivot when a serious matter was at hand.”

Joe Humphries

VP of People & Culture


“I worked with Steve at Stack Overflow for nearly 6 years. Steve was one of the first people to talk to me, befriend me, and make me feel welcome. Starting a new job is always daunting, but when someone like Steve sits across from you, it makes it a lot easier to adapt. He was, in my mind, the personification of the positive company culture that existed at Stack Overflow for so long.”

Jinming Zhang

Operations Manager - Digital Advertising

Stack Overflow

“From time to time, I run into situations that I think only Steve can properly diffuse. It could be something that's extremely awkward for everyone present, or something that's hard for anyone to come up with a response. In these situations I would imagine what Steve would do - he would make a typical 'Steve face' plus some 'Steve noise', and also say something insightful, after which the tension would disappear and everyone would laugh and have a good conversation. Whenever I think of an eye-roll, a funny sound - like the sad trombone noise, or a funny face, I think of Steve and that makes me smile.”