Roll 2

I am infinitely happier with this roll than Roll 1. There are photographs in here that I am not just happy to share with others, I'm dying to share them. 

Tactically, I didn't try anything crazy. You'll notice a bunch are taken from the street, roughly around sunset, with the camera either facing directly into the sun or with it at my back.

The man walking into the sunset and the man sitting on the bench gazing at the Brooklyn Bridge are by far the best, in my opinion. Realizing this changed my approach since I shot this roll. Historically, I shy away from taking photos with people in them. Psych analysis aside, I simply preferred the cleaner lines and absence of another person's perspective in the image.

What I mean is: if I take a photograph to show you a scene, I am showing you my point of view. If there is another person in that photograph, the viewer considers that person. The viewer is no longer considering what I want to show them. This is, of course, absurdly selfish. And a good lesson to learn!

Since learning that lesson, my focus moved to include more people in photographs. I didn't quite learn it on the next roll just yet, but by the time I got back to New York (the next roll is a Travelin' Roll!), I decided to focus more on people.