What is it like to work with Stevvve?

I asked people who I worked with, from direct reports to collaborators, to answer a few questions about what it was like to work with me. Below are links to some of what was shared, broken up into three categories.



As a leader, I aim to support my team any way I can, every day. As a servant leader, my role is to enable my team to get work done and get out of the way. I love to give people ownership over their success and growth, only stepping in when needed.


Gets Things Done

Few things motivate me more than a big pile of interesting or challenging tasks to accomplish. My super power is my ability to juggle many different tasks at once, without dropping any balls. Whether it’s responding to customer escalations, leading projects, or offering insights on product development, no shift from one task to another is enough to derail me!


Culture Add

Whether it’s silly pranks— gift-wrapping a desk and everything on it, for instance— awesome Halloween costumes, or keeping regular meetings with members of other departments, I thrive in environments where I can be creative and collaborative.