What is it like to work with Stevvve?

Below are some people I’ve worked with saying some very kind

things about what that experience was like.


Laura Dobrzynski-Gessner

Group Product Manager, Growth


“Steve is hard-working, diligent, and dedicated. I've always known him to do whatever it takes to get the job done, yet even in times of stress, he's always looking out for his team and is always ready with a joke if you're having a bad day. As a colleague, he's dependable and a pleasure to work with. As a manager, Steve cares deeply about the happiness, productivity, and success of his reports. All in all, he's a great person to have on your team.”

“Steve was the glue that held the sales team together.”

Dammand Cherry

Senior Account Executive

Stack Overflow

“[Steve has] always been so dedicated to getting the job done at almost any cost. … What really impressed me during [the early] days [at Stack Overflow], though, was [his] healthy boundary setting. When you're in a role like that you're often put in difficult positions where you have to draw budgetary lines or ask people to change their behavior even though you're not technically the boss of them. [He] excelled at walking those tight ropes in that role, and I feel like that's something that followed [him] into ad ops and really gave [him] a leg up. Balancing client needs with the realities of a company's internal situation is an impossible task sometimes and [his] unique combination of diplomacy, setting clear boundaries and expectations, and willingness to just put your nose to the grindstone and figure it out has always stood out to me. I think it's [his] secret sauce.”

Abby T. Mars

Director of Community Operations and Management

Stack Overflow

Jason Picciano

Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Stack Overflow

“Steve was the most uniquely emotionally intelligent manager I've ever encountered. He tirelessly works to make sure you feel comfortable, supported, and heard. Whether that means sticking up for your views in a meeting, advocating your career change, or remembering everyone's and their mothers' birthdays, Steve takes the time and effort. I found many growth opportunities came from Steve's guidance, maturity, and empathy…”

Richard Moy

Content Marketing Writer

Stack Overflow

“Each time I had the opportunity to collaborate with Steve, it was abundantly clear that he cared deeply about his work and the people around him. He was direct, yet empathetic whenever he provided feedback. He came to every meeting prepared with suggestions backed by data and meticulous research. And above all else, he knew how to motivate a group of people, even on days when things weren't going our way. I miss working with Steve and couldn't recommend him more highly.”

Alex Miller

General Manager

Stack Overflow

“Steve brings an incredible enthusiasm and energy to the team. He not only cares deeply about his colleagues but consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone feels included, engaged, and is having just a little bit of fun at work.”

Jinming Zhang

Operations Manager - Digital Advertising

Stack Overflow

“Steve is humble but charismatic. He treats everyone with respect and goes out of his way to make people (especially newer teammates) feel welcomed. He is not afraid of speaking up on issues that could affect his team, but does so respectfully and with tact. He listens to everyone with genuine care and more importantly, HEARS what you are trying to say. He was the first manager I've had that I truly respected.”